Lavender Fine essential oil



Lavender is an aromatic evergreen shrub, with a multitude of stems rising above hairy green leaves. This plant, also called true lavender, fine lavender, wild lavender or English lavender, has deep roots in Provencal tradition. It grows wild in the region’s highlands, particularly in the Alpes de Haute-Provence, on sunny mountain slopes between 600 and 2000 meters. This French region is one of the world’s biggest lavender-producing areas.


Its fragrant, intense, blue-purple flowers bloom in summer. The flowering tops are harvested in July and August, when the summer heat stimulates the rise of the essence into the flower’s secretory glands. The reaped lavender tops are then left to dry one or two days to allow excess moisture to evaporate.  This wilting period is essential to ensure high-quality lavender essential oil. The fragrance of Haute-Provence lavender essential oil is agrestic and floral with an herbaceous note, recalling the sweet scent of the flower spikes in the fields.


The oil is obtained by traditional distillation: slow extraction of the oil through “dry” steam, in dedicated equipment. The whole process is controlled continuously.


Lavender Fine essential oil is premium quality, it is the highest grade in terms of fragrance as well as properties and benefits. The main components of this oil are Linalyl acetate, linalol, cis and trans beta-ocymenes.





Cultivated, harvested and distillated in Provence

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