Scots pine essential oil


                                                           Pinus sylvestris

The Scots Pine is a pioneer plant on bare or sparsely vegetated land of Haute-Provence, growing throughout the medium mountains of the Prealps.

It has been widely used to reforest areas with poor soils to allow growth of other species. The tree can reach 40 meters in height. Its long needles are harvested before snowfall, from spring to early winter.


The pure essential oil is then obtained by traditional distillation : slow extraction of the oil through steam. It is rich in a-pinene, b-pinene, d-3-carene, b-phellandrene, d-cadinene with beneficial tonic and antiseptic effects. It is hypotensive, and recognized since Hippocrates and Greek Antiquity to treat the patients of the respiratory system.


With its fresh fragrance of forest and pine sap, Scots Pine essential oil is well known to clear the bronchi. Dynamic, expectorant and invigorating, it makes the body more tonic and it stimulates the mind. It is soothing for sore muscles and joints, and can be used in a bath, for local massage or as a compress to ease discomfort. Its stimulating quality helps banish exhaustion and mental fatigue.

  • Inhalation : 2 drops in a bowl of boiling water to treat rhinitis, sinusitis, flu, bronchitis, angina.
  • Bath : 20 drops diluted in a bath base, to treat respiratory ailments, general fatigue, muscle soreness and pain, urinary tract infections, back pain, excessive sweating.
  • Massage : 40 drops diluted in 100 ml vegetable oil.
  • Diffusion : recommended for respiratory infections and difficulty in concentrating and memorizing.

Home Care : disinfectant for laundry, washing-up liquid, anti-dust mite spray, toilet disinfectant, pollution.


Our product is 100% Natural, GMO-free, preservative-free, solvent-free, not tested on animals.



Cutivated, harvested and distillated


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